Hi, My name is A.J. Wilson; I’m here today to ask for your blessing and support on a mission i feel i was given by the Lord himself. Walk with me and rejoice in love for these are perilous times we live in!

We are currently not a 501 c3 organization but aim to be with your help.

Please brothers and sisters, lets dig inside our heart’s pocket and put something toward a bright and fruitful future under the Lord’s Rainbow.

Don’t have anything to donate but would like to be apart of the mission? Please join us, by all means. You can send your donations or letters of encouraging support to:

A.J. Wilson
P.O. Box 34953
San Antonio, TX. 78265


Donate using PayPal by clicking this link PayPal.Me/ipressthis , or
To donate 25 PayPal.Me/ipressthis/25
To donate 50 PayPal.Me/ipressthis/50
To donate 100 PayPal.Me/ipressthis/100

God Bless! I look forward to hearing from you!